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MudWatt™ Hacker

The Hacker board lets you interact with your MudWatt™ in a fun and exploratory way. The included blinker circuitry gives you a visual indication that your microbes are hard at work. The faster it blinks, the happier your microbes are!

Moreover, the Hacker's 8-pin breadboard gives you the freedom to install new devices and "hack" the MudWatt™ to perform new functions. So get out there, get creative, and explore new mud-power frontiers!

Note: KeegoTech electronics use lead-free solder and all components are RoHS compliant.

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Made in the USA

Tech Specs:
  • ˖ .6” x .75” Board
  • ˖ Voltage-boosting chip
  • ˖ 8-pin hacking socket
  • ˖ LED blinker circuitry
    (LED, capacitor, & jumper)
  • ˖ Five stand-alone resistors
  • ˖ Voltmeter connection pads

Disclaimer: The MudWatt™ electrodes are made of graphite fiber, which is a conductive material and can cause shortages when in contact with electronics. Do not place the electrodes near electronics or power plugs and use care not to disperse fibers into the air. To minimize risk, Keego Technologies encourages customers to use disposable gloves (included with each kit) when handling the electrodes.